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Medical Billing – No Longer a Hassle

Your passion is medicine, ours is accounts & billing. 

Founded in 2013, Apollo stands as one of the best medical billing services in Gauteng, South Africa. Due to years of experience as a medical billing company, we have successfully streamlined the medical billing of hundreds of clients across the country. Our medical billing specialists acknowledge the external challenges pertaining to diverse plans, complexities of coding, rejection of claims, accounts submissions, and insurance collections. As our experts have dealt with complex medical billing issues and lucratively handled them for our clients for a long time, we certainly hold expertise in the medical billing and coding industry.

Medical Billing Services

Outsource Billing Services to a Team that You Can Trust 100%
For higher claims acceptance, Apollo has simplified medical billing services for you. Our transparent reporting tools also assist this process, which otherwise is very long and time-consuming. We truly believe that our faster reimbursements lead to more revenue for our clients. Research shows that the reason behind slow reimbursements is that 50% of medical claim submission have errors. Hiring us for your medical billing services is beneficial for your practice in the following ways:

  • Improvement of Cash Flow

The flexibility that we offer our clients to use our services is what generates a convenient relationship between us. In addition to this, to improve your financial performance, we smoothly take care of your claims submissions process, which can be really complex. Without this worry on your hand, you can clearly focus on the other parts of your operations.

  • Connection Between You And Our Team

At every step of the way, our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) team works with you with full transparency. All so that you can adapt to a new and revolutionary way of measuring, monitoring, and achieving higher financial outcomes for your practice.

  • Faster Reimbursements 

Whether you have short-term or long-term needs, does not matter. We prioritize all of our clients irrespective of their business size. Our best medical billing specialists paired with our amazing cloud services manage your reimbursements faster, providing you with regular reports that are easy to read. This way you can keep a better check of the performance of your overall revenue cycle.

  • Time-Saving Support

Even your unpaid claims, secondary filings & appeals, and rejections & exclusions are taken care of by our experts so you have time on your hands to focus on your business growth. This is how our team indirectly aids your business growth by freeing up time for you so you can pay attention to your patients.
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Professional Accounting

Accounting with Regular Reporting but Without Errors
At Apollo, we understand that healthcare providers need proper concentration for their work, which leaves no time for maintenance of their accounting. But healthcare practitioners don’t need to worry about it, especially when we are here to take care of it all. Fortunately, enough, to handle your professional accounting for you, we are here to offer the following services:

  • Take care of all your bookkeeping and medical accounting, so you no longer have to worry about hiring an in-house accountant or bookkeeper.
  • Work behind the scenes for your practice so your financial data stays organized.
  • Keep you in the loop through regular reports that are easy to understand for you.

Our medical billing specialists believe in making a difference in the way your finances are handled. The techniques that our accounting experts use are industry specific that are designed to generate results for you – that you can monitor and modify over a specific period of time. These practices also help us make sure that the profitability for your business increases with limited tax exposure. 

Our accounting specialists work on a comprehensive plan so that tax obligations for your practice can be minimized for a smoother revenue inflow. Besides this, our professional accounting services also include improving your operations and cash maintenance, so growth is enabled for your practice.

Our medical billing company works with practices of all sizes and types in Gauteng, South Africa. You can request a consultation by getting into contact with our representatives. Our medical accounting services also target proactive tax planning strategies for your business, in-depth cash flow analysis, outsourced bookkeeping, detailed forecasting and budgeting, financial statement preparation, medical practice valuations, medical practice consulting, succession and estate planning, and medical practice valuations. You can avail all of these professional accounting services with the best anaesthetist medical billing.
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Cloud Software

Save Time with Cloud-Based Medical Billing Services
It has not been really a surprise that cloud-based medical billing services have become increasingly popular. Mainly because it provides accessibility because instead of the human workforce, we start relying on reliable technology. This is what makes cloud-based medical billing solutions a great option for practices. In comparison to on-premises medical solutions, a cloud-based one relies on a remote server which enables smooth operations. With internet capabilities, cloud billing systems are virtually accessible through any device, whether it is a mobile device or an installed computer system. This saves healthcare providers a lot of time and thus, they are able to see more patients.

Research shows that 81% of practices face difficulties in properly communicating their medical billing processes to insurances due to the lack of proper technology.

Cloud-based medical billing solutions are preferred over on-premises billing solutions as the operational costs for their practices decrease. There are a number of positions that cloud software can easily fill in which leaves no burden on you to hire extra staff. This is why investing in the cloud software offered by Apollo; you are able to upgrade your business growth. The resources that you save by investing in cloud software for your billing worries can be utilized in other operational costs that are more necessary. For you, our medical billing experts offer a detailed analysis of your facility’s needs. This helps our team provide you with tailor-made cloud software solutions to properly fulfil your medical billing needs.

The best part about our cloud software is that it is for all small, medium, or large businesses. Most significantly, our cloud-based medical billing services take care of your claims management, reporting, scheduling, and management of your community’s cash flow. It allows you to smoothly submit claims and make payments fast. It prevents any technical errors, which leads to faster claim acceptances and quick reimbursements. Besides all this, our amazing cloud software provides you with real-time updates, so you stay in the loop of the medical billing and coding of your practice.
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Invoicing of Claims

Medical and health insurance claim form with stethoscope on clipboard

A Complicated Process Made Easier for You
Like medical coding, medical billing can be an immensely complex process. At Apollo, our medical billing and coding experts believe that while there are several steps associated with efficient medical billing, one of the most important is the invoicing of claims. Did you know that 80% of all medical bills are full of errors?

This step includes the medical coder providing a superbill to the medical biller. The latter then converts that bill into a paper claim form. The costs associated with the procedures are also included in this form – which the payer is expected to pay for. It must be noted that invoicing of these claims can be a really long and time-consuming process, which is why you should only trust it with experts like Apollo.

Since there are multiple types of claims, you need absolute medical billing experts who have complete knowledge about the process. This can help your practice avoid any errors while invoicing the claims. An errorless claim can lead to faster reimbursements which can be good for your business. Moreover, experts also need to ensure that the standards of billing compliance are met properly, which is a priority at Apollo. We believe that attention to detail while invoicing the details can make further steps easier. This is why our team works in collaboration with you every step of the way to generate the results that you expect.

Duplicate billing and invoicing for services not required caused 46% of doctor fraud cases. Every service doctor makes billing errors. However, if certain errors occur on a regular basis, they may be subjected to a government or medical aid audit.


Our team representatives ensure that there is complete transparency between you and them. This helps our team stay on top of your expectations which leads to a long-term relationship that is of top priority to us. Because at Apollo, we believe in investing in long-term relations instead of providing temporary solutions. Our experts not just offer invoicing of your claims but also submit them with regular follow-ups so that settlements can be made on time for you and your practice does not face any additional hindrance. 
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Medical Collections & Credit Control 

Stable and Seamless Medical Collections 
Your healthcare practice needs an airtight credit control strategy which our best experts can provide you with according to your needs. Our credit control experts at Apollo believe that from the outset you need a robust credit control strategy. Without one, you cannot grow or thrive as a healthcare practice because the process becomes increasingly complex as time passes.  Therefore, it is suggested that a credit control strategy is developed so that the cash flow is smooth and there are no delays in payments and reimbursements. In a healthcare practice, payments must be made on time. However, due to a bad credit control strategy, there might be delays. These delays can be avoided when your medical billing and coding is being handled by an expert as great as Apollo. According to research, over 50% of patients owe R10,000 or more to their doctor, but due to billing errors, the actual figure might be far lower.

With Apollo on your side, you don’t have to worry about an unstable credit control situation for your medical practice. Our experts employ electronic technology to use to effectively ensure that your credit stays stable, and the situation does not get out of hand. The point of using electronic means to submit invoices is to speed up payment settlements. But why does that matter? It matters because speedy payment settlements assist with credit control the most. That is why our experts focus on making processes that come prior to credit control so that when it comes to credit control, everything is sorted out.

According to documents provided by Discovery, South Africa’s largest medical aid scheme. The company analyzes roughly 3,500 possible fraud cases each year, with 82 percent of them proving to be true.

As a result of lack of transparency, it is plausible that you might not be able to generate the results that you want to. However, with Apollo transparency about your credit situation will not be an issue. That is because our team believes in regular reports so that you know about the payment settlements and your credit condition. While you will be outsourcing your medical billing to the best medical billing company, you won’t have to worry about the lack of transparency because that is not how Apollo rolls.
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Monthly Quotes & Estimates 

Get Paid Fast, With No Delays!
The point of providing monthly quotes and estimates to you for your practice is to keep you updated. At Apollo, transparency is considered to be the key to a long-term relationship. The best way that we ensure that this happens is by providing monthly quotes and estimates to you so you can get an overview of the following:

  • The reduction in the intervals of claim processing
  • The fast billing of the claims
  • The follow-ups after the claims have been submitted
  • And the overall growth of the business on a monthly basis

While even the best medical billing companies prefer bi-annual quotes and estimates, Apollo believes that regular updates must be shared with respect to quotes and estimates. The best way to be regular is to share the flow of the quotes and estimates from time to time so that you can share your concerns, as a practice, with our experts. Our experts then modify their strategies so they best fit your needs and your satisfaction levels can be maximized. 

Besides the regular estimates and quotes in case you are having trouble finding our quotes for your medical billing and coding, you are more than welcome to hit our representatives up. We roll pretty well when it comes to providing tailor-made medical billing services for our customers. Our experts, before giving you a quote, understand your needs in-depth. This helps them truly get on board with you and understand everything from your credit condition to your pending payments. This way when we take up your medical billing and coding, we really take the extra mile to achieve bigger goals for you and your practice. We truly enable growth and success by fixing your medical billing and coding standards.
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Submission of Claims to Medical Aids

Fast Claim Submissions for Quick Reimbursements
We understand that medical billing and coding is ever-evolving. Due to this, our experts have a belief that staying updated about the latest trends and techniques is what can make our medical billing better than the one being offered by our competitors. Trusting Apollo with your medical billing and coding is like trusting the best. But we also acknowledge that it can be extremely hard especially when you have stuck with old fashioned ways for years. However, we are here to tell you that you deserve the best medical billing practices which our experts at the Apollo are ready to offer.

According to research conducted in 2019, it was found that fraudulent practices cost members between R22 billion and R28 billion per year at the Council for Medical Schemes’ inaugural Fraud, Waste and Abuse Summit. That being said it is imperative for practices to submit claims with correct information to prevent them from being flagged and denied.

Claim submission is a crucial part of the medical billing process. We understand that this is one of the most important steps in the medical billing and coding process because if this part goes errorless, your settlements are bound to come quickly. Fortunately enough, our medical billing specialists have years of experience in handling paper-based and electronic claim submissions. We believe in paying attention to detail so that the rest of the medical billing process becomes easier for not only you but for us as well.

Claim submissions can take various formats as there are several types of claims. But no worries because our experts are know-it-alls, which means you have the best help available.

According to research, it was found that on average billing errors result in a 26% overcharge. The bulk of incorrect statements have line items that are significantly overpriced, this is another reason why we constantly focus on making the claim submission process free of errors is that errors can lead to rejection and denials. Our team’s maximum efforts go into making sure that you don’t face any rejections.

Icd-11 has nearly 4 times as many codes as icd-10. ICD-10 is still the standard manual for identifying diseases at the time of writing. However, the new version, ICD-11, will be released in the next few years. ICD-11 has four times the number of codes as ICD-10, and there is already an issue with errors amongst medical practices making mistakes.


This is why it becomes imperative for our medical billers and coders to put in a collective effort in making the claim submissions error-free. We have a team dedicated to claim scrubbing so that prior to claim submission the claims can be checked for errors.
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Revenue Cycle Management

Take Your Medical Billing Forward with Customized Management Services
Apollo is your full-time medical billing and coding manager. We create customized strategies with meticulous planning so that with disciplined execution your medical billing practices only become better over time. One of the best ways we do this is by providing revenue cycle management. In order to recover your revenue, it is important that we put a complete strategy in place. Our experts are great at third party recoveries, and they create tailor-made recovery infrastructure where the experience of our experts and our top-notch technology protects and enhances your practice.

We have fully-trained collection staff that are experienced and absolutely right to handle your revenue cycle management. Whether it is first-party collections, third party collections, or simply litigation, our revenue cycle management services ensure that your revenue runs smoothly and thus, grows. Apollo medical billing experts believe that to be able to handle the revenue cycle management properly, command on each stage of the collection cycle is required. For instance, from debt types to collection methods, every step matters. Fortunately, enough, our best medical billing and coding experts understand this.

The main aim of providing revenue cycle management is to increase revenue for your practice and reduce the days in accounts receivables. Instead of achieving these goals with a standard revenue cycle, we understand the uniqueness of your practice and make sure that you receive a tailored revenue cycle infrastructure. This guides your medical billing process all the way through and helps us our experts stay on top of your expectations of Apollo as the best medical billing company in Gauteng. So, for the best revenue cycle management services for your practice of any size, contact the top medical billing specialist. Trust us, you will not be disappointed because we have a 10/10 record for client satisfaction.
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Monthly Status Reports

Have Complete Control Over Your Practice with Regular Status Reports
Healthcare providers refrain from outsourcing their medical billing and coding because they fear that they might lose control of their practice. While this is a valid concern, Apollo makes sure that this issue does not arise while working for its clients. We maintain monthly status reports so that you know everything from the claim submissions to the reimbursements to the overall settlements done. Like the way we have mentioned earlier, transparency is the core of the values that we practice here at Apollo. We firmly believe that dodging our clients is unethical and thus, we don’t do it and we also don’t encourage it at a corporate level.

In order to provide you with full control of your practice, we make sure that we go by a robust reporting strategy. It is completely based on advanced reporting which includes online analytics. Through this advanced method, you can have more financial visibility about your practice from even the comfort of your couch. That’s right! You don’t have to leave the comfort of your office to get updated about the financial situation of your practice. Instead, our team provides you with regular status reports, so you have complete knowledge. This is how we give you the control that you might think that you are losing because if it’s your practice, you should have knowledge about it.

Our medical billing team works on providing pre-formatted reports to you so that you can understand the areas of improvement for your practice. These reports help you measure the growth of your practice in comparison to the growth made in the past. These reports also highlight your performance initiatives and your unique pain points. This is what makes our reports easy to understand and in case you have queries about them, our representatives are always ready to help.
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What is Medical Billing?

Despite you being a healthcare practice, it is quite plausible that you might not be truly aware of its definition. But we are here to tell you that it’s fine and we are sure that our explanation of it in this section would help you understand the basics of medical billing.

Basically, medical billing entails a complex process of submitting and following up on the claims with different health insurance and medical aid companies. It is done in order to receive payments for the services that the healthcare provider in question rendered to the patients. In simpler terms, medical billing is a process in which a specific healthcare service is translated into a billing claim. Now, the person who is responsible for the medical billing is referred to as a medical biller. His job is to make sure that he submits the claims to the insurance provider and then follows up with them. All so that the healthcare provider can receive the reimbursements. Experts believe that timely reimbursements can help the practice’s revenue management cycle and growth, which is why it is suggested that healthcare providers take their medical billing and coding seriously.

While medical billing is a complex term in itself, many practitioners tend to confuse it with medical coding. So, in medical coding, the coder is responsible for checking the various clinical statements. Upon reviewing, he assigns codes to those statements based on different classification systems. In comparison to what the medical coder does, the medical biller only submits errorless claims and follows up with the medical aid company to make sure that the reimbursements are made on time. In different medical billing companies, medical coders and billers can be the same person.

However, as one of the best and leading medical billing companies in Gauteng, Apollo does not like to overburden its employees. We make sure that every department is segregated properly so that you receive the best help possible. For this purpose, we have a team of medical billers as well as a separate team of medical coders. This is how our medical billing process stands out because we provide you with a team of exceptional medical billers and coders. They are appointed to help your practice, irrespective of its size, run a smooth revenue cycle. That’s because we believe that you deserve the best team with the best medical billing specialists. To discuss more about our medical billing and coding procedures, you can reach out to us anytime!

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Medical Billing Research and statistics

  • 41% OF PATIENTS ARE SURPRISED BY THEIR MEDICAL BILLS. This figure is a combination of patients not understanding what their medical aid covers and being startled by their bills
  • Medical bills totalling R100k or more have on average an error costing R13K. This translates to 13% of the total of every medical bill given to patients is incorrect.
  • Only 16% of South Africans are covered by medical aid. With only a small fraction of the population covered by medical aid, every medical bill and patient should be treated with the utmost care.
  • Before choosing a medical aid/scheme, 76% of respondents said they made sure they understood the cost implications and benefits of the many options available.
  • According to research carried out by PWC, 89% of medical schemes in South Africa support the idea of telemedicine. That being practices should consider integrating telemedicine to their list of services.
  • In the year 2016, 68 %of patients with medical bills of up to R7177 did not pay the full amount due. This figure was up 19% from the previous year in 2014.
  • Because of the expense, 43 percent of adults,  missed or delayed seeking needed health care or fulfilling a prescription in 2012.
  • Inspiring digital transformation in the consumer is one of the most challenging difficulties in transitioning a Doctor’s business model to a technology-driven platform. Consumers are cautious to change in general. Even if the indicated change is beneficial to them. Patients will adopt mHealth (mobile apps) if it improves access, decreases costs, and gives them more control, according to the survey below carried out by PWC. 25% of respondents indicated mHealth’s Ability to access better quality healthcare. When it comes to saving costs 43% of surveyed participants indicated they would consider using some kind of mobile application if it had the Ability to reduce their own healthcare costs

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Why Should You Care About Medical Billing Services?

You wouldn’t believe it, but increasingly more and more medical practices are getting their money’s worth by outsourcing their medical billing services to the best medical billing company near them. Experts believe that choosing someone to handle your medical billing and coding is more than just hiring someone. It is an investment that can take some sweat, but not if you have a partner like Apollo by your side. Nonetheless, we do realize and fully acknowledge the fact that outsourcing medical billing services is considered to be a big expense. But we have a number of reasons to convince you otherwise. Here are 5 reasons why you should care about medical billing services for your healthcare practice:


1. Smooth Cash Flow On a Daily Basis

Outsourcing your medical billing services is like making your revenue management a piece of cake. That’s right! When your claims are being submitted, checked, and followed up on by the best medical billing specialists then insurance claims for your healthcare practice are processed on a daily basis. Instead of receiving your reimbursements in a period of 60 to 90 days, you can get reimbursed in a couple of weeks. Hence, your remits are posted daily too. This enables smooth cash flow while helping you decrease rejections and increase the accuracy of your coding.

2. See Maximum Claims Getting Paid

Choosing an insurance company that helps you get paid for what you actually collect from the insurance companies can be a hard job. However, at Apollo, we make it easier for you to choose it because our record shows that we get more than 90% of your claims accepted to be reimbursed.

3. Receive Daily Service from Your Medical Billing Service Provider

With a partner like Apollo by your side, you no longer have to worry about delayed payments. Because the point of hiring the top medical billing specialist is to get your reimbursements on time so your medical practice runs smoothly. Most significantly, Apollo focuses on giving you uninterrupted service on a daily basis. Especially during your business hours so our team can work by joining shoulder to shoulder with your team. 

4. Availing Best Medical Billing Services Relieves More Time For You

Hiring someone for your medical billing services gets you more time so you can focus on your practice. You don’t even have to hire more staff to get your medical accounting aligned because Apollo can do it for you in the best way possible. Our team of medical billing specialists focus on saving you more time, so you have time to focus on your practice and its growth. 

5. Claim Scrubbing for fewer Denials

Claim scrubbing is a process in which our team makes sure that the claims that our team is submitting for you are free of errors. This helps us ensure that there are fewer denials for your claims and more and quick reimbursements. Because we know that it’s your priority, so it is our priority as well. 

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What Are the Benefits of Medical Billing Services for You?

While you might know about the benefits of medical billing services you might still not be aware of the benefits that they have. At Apollo, we always walk our clients through the benefits that their practice will get to reap because of our services. Here are some of the general benefits of medical billing services for you:

1. Better Flow of Cash
Your practice can only run smoothly when it has a firm focus. Whether it is a medical organization or not, your organization can only run smoothly when it has a smooth flow of cash coming in. Better cash flow, thus, is the lifeblood of your medical practice. This is why we believe that when Apollo takes care of your medical billing services for you, there is a better flow of cash. How? Because you have medical billing specialists guiding you and your practice towards growth.

2. Quick and Efficient Submissions
You, as a healthcare provider, get to experience quick and efficient claim submissions with the top medical billing company on board. A good medical billing company will always submit errorless claims on your behalf so that denials of those claims can be minimized to a large extent. Our claim submissions are also powered by the latest technology which is why we believe that outsourcing medical billing services actually works in your favour.

3. Benefits and Eligibility
Our team makes sure that you receive advanced reports so that you are aware of all the potential issues that might affect the reimbursements. Our procedure of working with our clients includes regular reports so that you stay updated about the patients that have expired insurances. 

4. Proper Denial Management
We are proud to say that our team here at Apollo has a denial management strategy. This strategy is tailored according to each client. It helps us inform the client about any delayed reimbursements. This way we can maintain transparency with our clients, and they stay in control while we implement our proper denial management strategy. Our experts have handled such situations for years and thus, they know all the ins and outs of claim denials.

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Our Process –  Medical Billing Services

Still curious about how we offer the best medical billing services? Here are the features that define the ways through which we offer medical billing services to practices of all sizes:

  • A Very Structured Charge Entry System

    In order to attain more than 98% of charge accuracy, we make sure that our medical billers use a systematic charge entry process. A high level of accuracy in charge entry ensures that the process runs smoothly and with complete accuracy. Due to all this, there is a 0% chance of errors at this initial stage.

  • Quick Claim Submission For Your Ease

    As mentioned earlier, a quick claim submission helps make sure that the further steps in the process go well. Our experts help you with paper-based and electronic claim submissions so that even when you have diverse expectations, you can find the solution to all here at Apollo.

           -Reliable Claim Scrubbing For an Errorless Process
           There is no space for errors in claim submissions. That is our primary goal while handling your claims submissions because we know that errors can lead to denials which can get us into other troubles. The clients that are currently working with us know that our team has experts that scrub the claims for any errors. This way the claim submission process goes smoothly, and you receive reimbursements right away. 

  • Timely Payment Collections

One of the most important steps for any medical practice is the timely payment collection for the submitted claims. Your revenue targets can get hurt if there is an increased number of outstanding claims, which is why our team follows up with the insurance company from time to time so that your payment collections are done on time. 

            -Smooth Payment Posting Process
            Payment posting is a process that includes how the collection and billing process is running. It helps Apollo identify any underlying issues. This is why we focus on the payment posting process so the financial health of your business can be revealed.

Regular and Timely Reporting

All the work that Apollo offers you is reported to you with results on a monthly basis. In case you report more frequently, you can always share that concern with our team, and it will be done. But we believe that regular reporting can help you stay in control of your practice, no matter where you are.
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Why Apollo is the Best Medical Billing Specialist for You?


Medical billing can be extremely stressful for you. Especially when you are handling your practice on the side. This is why Apollo offers you peace of mind with its top-notch anaesthetist medical billing. The point of offering peace of mind and making it a central aim of our medical billing services is to make sure that you have ample time to focus on your core business. Through our medical billing services, we make sure that your cash and revenue flow stays smooth and intact.

Besides this, since we have the best medical billing professionals on board, we make your business enable growth to the highest level. All so that you can give your practice your all instead of worrying about medical billing, coding, and the denials of claims. Besides, our regular advanced reporting also makes sure that your practice is aware of the issues with respect to your claims with full transparency. We believe that this truly helps us aid your medical billing and your business growth overall. Because, at the end of the day, your business growth is what matters the most to us in relation to our medical billing services. 
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About Us – Apolo Medical

With Minimized Errors, Maximize Profitability. 

Almost a decade ago, Apollo was formed by an expert team of medical billing specialists to help medical practitioners, all over Gauteng, with an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution. Most importantly, the medical billing and coding professionals that Apollo has onboard are the best on the market, which gives it an edge over its competitors. Its proficient staff handles every aspect of its clients’ medical billing journey. From claim creation to rejection management to reporting, Apollo is the complete package for your medical billing needs. 

Significantly enough, Apollo has an edge when it comes to the latest technology, a fully equipped knowledge base, an experienced medical and coding staff, and the best operational management. It does not matter whether you are a solo practitioner or a multi-speciality group because our 360-solution package is all ready to fulfil your expectations from us as a medical billing company. Our revolutionary approach to timely submissions, aggressive follow-ups, rejection management, payment postings and reporting are tailor-made, keeping the practitioner’s needs in view. 

Our company is more than just a medical billing services provider. We have successfully billed hundreds of practices across Gauteng. Our medical billing and coding staff works with healthcare providers nationwide. Our services are specifically designed to decrease your billing worries, and to maximize your cash flow. As a result of the recent upheaval in the healthcare industry, there has been an increased demand for medical billing management services. Mainly due to the care coordination and preventive care initiatives, healthcare organizations need partnerships and right tools that can help them keep their operations streamlined. Thankfully enough, because of medical billing companies like Apollo, practitioners no longer have to worry about their billing management. 

We are at the forefront offering the best anaesthetist medical billing, providing services to practices of all sizes and types. While our services do extend from the forefront, we believe in taking care of the issues that lie within your medical billing processes. Our most comprehensive suite of billing and coding services comprise of medical credentialing, handling of accounts, filing claims, rejection management, cloud services, invoicing of claims, monthly quotes and claims, credit control, and monthly state reports. 

We encourage our clients every step of the way to maintain a level of transparency with us so we can aptly take care of their needs. That’s because we believe in a two-way relationship that lasts a lifetime.
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Apollo Medical is a full-service medical billing company that helps healthcare providers lower costs and increase revenues.

  • All claims submitted within 24-48 hours.

  • 99% claims paid the first time

  • 100% claims follow-up for fastest receivable.

  • We supply cost estimates to patients.

  • Pay a low percentage of the collected amount.

  • Reduce medical billing costs by up to 50%

  • Boost revenues by over 20% .

  • Reduce pay denials and rejections by medical aids.

  • All claims submitted within 24-48 hours.

  • 100% claims follow-up, no claim falls through.

  • Full Visibility and Customized Reports.

  • No sign up or hidden costs.

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